How I Found My Dream Job

how i found my job

If it will inspire at least one person, I will consider my mission accomplished.

I have much more inspiring story of how I found my dream job (of course, she was not far from the first). And today I wanted to share with you this story. If it will inspire at least one person, I will consider my mission accomplished.

So … I’m her (dream job) really purposefully searched for: tried different things, talk to people who consulted a psychologist, wanted to … and then the last, probably, as it is a child did not sound the word “dream”, and it turned out that the real It worked.

But first, a little history, or rather, a digression: it was a very difficult period in my life when I decided for myself that the meaning of life is to clenched teeth and sliding away all your fantasies, just to earn money to feed themselves and their children . Since I needed a job with a decent salary, I took advantage of the Linkedin profile writer service and found a job in Australia. I had a mental image at the time – and I have two children of my skirt stand against the whole world with people, worthy of the brush painters-socialist realists.

the way to the dream jobAnd so I slowly started to think in a few years of living in such belief that if we work, then you need to work at least brought pleasure, and not just money. And here I come back to this most magical the word “dream”. One day I was on some business conference, where (we think so just “happened”, although I’m sure that just did not happen), I heard a presentation by Mr. Agarunova (Gameland), which does not even suspect that one short story of his speech changed my life. He said that when recruiting staff, he it asks one question: “And what do you really want?” And the story was that it at the time HR-manager in hiring said, he wanted to be the coolest business coach. And she became them. Because I wanted. I do not know what it was to me a story sunk then the soul, perhaps, the most crucial question: “What did you really want?” In general, a long story short, I realized that I wanted to become a business coach that this profession speaks in me at the deepest level: I love to explain, like performing, I love to carry into the world of new ideas, like “clever”, and better public)) and this Wishlist I went a few months, but really is not easy, of course, went to “request” of the universe has been sent, and the wheels began to spin.

One day I saw exactly what I want to do: I went to training on presentation skills in English, which led my now business partner, and then – just unknown to me, but wildly charismatic guy. And then I nervously and shyly asked him to conduct a training for organizations in which I worked, but just so that we spent together. Happened in the end is very great: it’s all about what I wanted – and coaching and English (not disappear as good, brought from Australia!). Next came the basics of the profession already: University coaching, practice their own programs.

And here it is appropriate to summarize and give advice to those who want to find my dream job: as you want, so be it. Who do you declare, and the will. There is no secret here is not even that of our beloved “first learned, then read a bunch of books, and then become good, then finally become an expert.” Nothing like this! You can now declare themselves, and books, skills, knowledge, education, and even catch up FOR PURPOSE. Try to start just want to, and you will see how the law of attraction (which I will write) will operate by moving people, circumstances, providing opportunities, turning to you the whole universe with its inexhaustible possibilities, just because you want to and sure that you have all turns out.

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